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Nanjing Sino Pharmaceutical Ltd. is a pharmaceutical company which is specialized in production, R&D, export of medicines for both human use and animal needs globally. Our goal is to ensure that no sickness shall be denied access to high quality & affordable medicine and support.

Professional Team

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At present, Nanjing Sino Pharmaceutical Ltd. has a professional team of pharmaceutical technical personnel, and constantly introduces and trains relevant high-quality talents to enrich the construction of research and development team.

Wide Field

The research and development fields involve anti-tumor, anti-parasite, hypolipidemic, anti-infection, endocrine regulation, immunosuppressive agents, anti-depression and other areas.


R & D Ability

While independent research and development, it has established a cooperative relationship with domestic pharmaceutical product research and development institutions to strengthen research and development capabilities.






The Research & Development Center is equipped with liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph, infrared spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrometer, thin-layer chromatography scanner, other modern equipment and the corresponding trial production workshop, which provides a seamless connection from the development of new products and new processes to industrialization.

Quality First

The production process is carried out accordance with GMP requirements and related regulations strictly, and  production workshops have passed the national GMP certification.



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